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You get this at CING Stockholm


This is Cing Sthlm

Chalmers Alumni Association Stockholm branch has approx. 1,500 members. We arrange networking meetings, after-work, mentoring, interest activities, and lots of events that spark curiosity, create meetings, and generate laughter and joy. Welcome to the family of Chalmerister, as well as CING members living in the Stockholm area! 

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"Through the Chalmers Alumni Network I have found friends for life, got a mentor that helped me start my own business and developed new professional and hands on leadership skills"

Dennis Norman, CEO & Co-founder


It is the sense of community, the so-called "Chalmersandan" (Chalmers spirit) that is unique about being an alumnus from Chalmers. You can always rely on the Chalmers network, CING, to be here to help you in all aspects of your life after graduation. It is on Slack where we keep the communication going, it is on LinkedIn where we connect, and it is the website that is the hub for all information.

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A membership with thousands of possibilities! 

See what we in Stockholm do on an annual basis. If you also want to get involved, don't hesitate to contact us 😊

💡CING Talks
👥 Mentorship
🍻 After Works
🌐 Vibrant digital community via Slack
🚀 Startup network
🎉 Chalmerspex & spexkalas
💬 Interest groups
🦞 Crayfish party 
🎓 Senioremil-ia
👀 Study & industrial visit 
🚶‍♀️City tours
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